How To Make Lip Gloss-Lip Gloss DIY Artifact

Jul 22, 20
How To Make Lip Gloss-Lip Gloss DIY Artifact

  Nice lip gloss isn’t cheap. And all-natural lip gloss, like Burt’s Bees Natural Lip Gloss and bareMinerals Natural Lip Gloss, is even more expensive. It adds up when you are always keeping 4 or 5 or more tubes of lip gloss around. 

  You know what though? You can make your own lip gloss following this easy homemade lip gloss recipe. Your homemade lip gloss will not cost you $8 or $10 a pop. It will cost you a whole lot less. You can also customize your lip gloss to any shade you like. Most importantly, the lip gloss you make following this easy homemade lip gloss recipe contains only all-natural ingredients. Say goodbye to synthetic ingredients and artificial flavoring and give the recipe a try. Soon, you will be proudly making your very own all-natural easy homemade lip gloss, and sharing/gifting your creations with your appreciative loved ones. 

  Last month, I learned how to make lip balm using olive oil, beeswax, and shea butter. It became an instant favorite in my home and the homes of my friends and family. Now I am trying to DIY lip gloss I think it's interesting. I can customize it to give it my favorite scent or color, and I can even add in glitter because I want a little bit of sparkle. 



You Need Prepare Tools: lip gloss base、color paste、glitter powder、 bowl、stir bar、lip gloss tubes.


  1. Wear a pair of gloves for cleanliness.
  2. Choose the color and lip gloss base you like.
  3. Add base material into a bowl about 10g (specific analysis).

    4. Add color paste you want about 2g(specific analysis).

    5. You could also add 1 to 2 drops of your favorite essential oil or a small pinch of glitter to the mix at this time, too.

    6. Then continue to stir them with stir bar until the pigment and lip gloss base are mixed evenly.(Note: you'd better stir them about 2-3 minutes).

    7. Suck the lip gloss which is mixed evenly with a straw into a tip gloss tube slowly.(Note: Please keep a certain distance between the straw and the bottle mouth to avoid the lip gloss blocking the bottle mouth).


    8.Finally, stuff the stopper into the tube and cover the lid, then you can enjoy your DIY lip gloss.


Perfect, you can enjoy your DIY lip gloss on your lips.


Unique DIY Fun:Enjoy DIY fun at home.get a lip gloss DIY set, you can add as much or as little as you like. Create your own unique and special lip glaze.

Safe and Health:The material of this Lip Gloss DIY Set has high-quality ingredients with silky shine color, non-toxic, safe to your health. Can be smeared directly on lips or used to make your own lip plumping gloss.

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