The Correct Way of Using Lip Gloss

Jun 23, 20
The Correct Way of Using Lip Gloss

1. Exfoliating

Lip exfoliation is the same as facial exfoliation, which will make subsequent makeup procedures easier, evenly apply lips with scrub wipe it off after 5 minutes

2. Lip Care

After applying lip balm, it is best not to rush to the next step, but to allow 15 minutes for the lips to be moisturized and absorbed, the best lip care (exfoliation + lip balm) before makeup, and then foundation and eye makeup, so wait until lipstick at that time, the time is almost up.

3. Lip Concealer

If you have darker lips or darker pigments around the corners of your mouth, you can use concealer to conceal first, or use concealer

4. Apply lip gloss

Choose your favorite lip gloss color, use a brush to dip a small amount of lip gloss, start with the lip peak, use the brush to trace the shape of the lip glaze, make sure symmetrical on both sides, then draw an "x" shape in the middle of the upper lip, then use the side of the brush to trace the periphery of the lip corner, only the lip brush link the corners of the lips to the peaks of the lips, and fill the remaining blank with the brush head.

5. Dip the lip glaze with the brush head, open the lips and stretch from the corner of the lips along the lip line to fill the lower lips.

6.In order to make the lip color full, use the lip brush to dip the lip glaze, and then apply it to the lips as a whole.

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