Unique DIY Fun:Enjoy diy fun at home.get a lip gloss diy set, you can add as much or as little as you like. Create your own unique and special lip glaze.

Safe and Health:The material of this Lip Gloss DIY Set have high quality ingredients with silky shine color, non-toxic, safe to your health. Can be smeared directly on lips or used to make your own lip plumping gloss.


You Need Prepare Tools:lip gloss base、color power、glitter powder、glass cup、Stir bar、lip gloss tubes、pastry bags.


  1. wear a pair of gloves.
  2. add base material9g.
  3. add color power 1g.
  4. if you want your lip gloss glitter you can add 1gglitter powder. 
  5. mixing them wellin the pastry bag.
  6. Then cut the bag a small hole and pour it into lip gloss tubes.


Perfect,you can enjoy your diy lip gloss on your lips.